Instead of any Hack learn the game

Sometimes playing Free Fire Battlegrounds become really tough. Many would try to get the advantage of Free Fire Battlegrounds Hack. But make sure that there is no hack possible in this most wanted game. So instead of wasting time in searching how to hack garena free fire, let us know something about the weapons and its management. Reaching the ultimate goal that is to remain unhurt till the last is really very tough if not impossible. All the fighters even the reallife soldiers would love to play the game but playing this Free Fire Battlegrounds is not a play of a mere child.

Start with one weapon

In the beginning, the gamers would be able to manage one weapon. In all your movement you will be protecting yourself with that single weapon only. But remember the gamer will not be equipped with any weapon when they are jumping out of the plane. Till you arrive at the abandoned island with a parachute you are carrying no weapon. As any other weapon, you need to find the first weapon. For this reason after getting into the island try to get one weapon at the earliest otherwise fighting battle would gradually become more and more impossible. This becomes very tough if other opponents arrive on the island beforehand. The gamer should try to gather as many weapons as possible and in the quickest time, as sooner as possible.

Avoid combat initially

During the initial stages of the game, the gamer should avoid any unnecessary combat. Rather one should try to get accustomed to the environment of the war field. Without a perfect beginning, there is hardly any chance that the fighter would reach the final stage. Before starting a fearsome fighting the gamer should gather all the necessary weapons and instruments. For the fight, the fighter can pick up handguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and heavy weapons and sniper rifles.

Ideal setup means a perfect possession

A fighter must remember that an ideal setup for weapon means a good composition of three slots. In the sidearm, one needs to keep only handguns so there is no choice. But in the primary and secondary slots, one can vary the choice. But for the ideal setup, there can be a shotgun in the secondary slot that can be an M1014. The fighters need to get one sniper rifles or assault rifles in the primary slot to give an ideal weapon setup. One can have AWM or VSS as the sniper rifle and M14 or SKS as an assault rifle.

To survive to proceed for ideal weapons setup

It is not likely that the fighters can always make up ideal weapon setup. But never worry as this applies to all the other players in the battle. No one would be able to create an ideal setup all the time. As a soldier, you need to fight with another fighter with whatever weapons he has at a particular point in time. You cannot wait for the best weapons.

Tips on the combat of mobile legends

Mobile Legends is a game which is very critical when it comes to understanding it properly. So here in this game, you can find a lot of combating and different types of players. You need to adopt proper combat tips and tricks in order to win this game.

Combat tips

Many players hit straight to the lane when the Minions are spawn. One should keep in mind that every lane partner can only kill two creeps in the jungle and then can arrive back in the lane for the advantage of level 2. So you will have to perform the first kill when you will see the lane. So you need to have marksman with a tank or any kind of support that can easily engage and has control capabilities for killing. So whenever any enemy is running away in other directions from you will need to execute the battle spell.

From the beginning of the game, one should always concentrate on learning the characteristics of every hero and how the basic mechanism of the game works. So if you level up the Layla into the maximum range then it can easily fire the towers without even getting into the range of the tower. On the other hand, you can easily use the fanny who has the ability to easily map with the help of the chains and because of her excellent mobility, it will take you some time to get acquainted with it. Once you become skilled with the use of fanny you can easily get away from the situation by escaping the death.

Whenever you will log in to the game you will be rewarded with 2 chests which will be free. Every chest will get refreshed after 4 hours so every 4 hours you will be credited with a chest. So after every 4 hours, you will be getting the opportunity to gain experience, hero ticket, magic test, battle points, emblems and many more. These items are very helpful when you will be advancing in which game. But make sure you are logging into your account on a daily basis. If you get the medal chest then you will be rewarded with goodies. Whenever you win the two match of PVP you will get the medal chest. It will unleash the premium thing which is the skin fragment.

There are two bose which the beginners will not pay much concentration on. The turtle will provide you with gold. Blue knight will provide you with the lane when you will defeat him so he is a very strong boss. You can indulge your entire team to play and push with this boss for getting the towers.

These are few combat tips which one should keep in mind when they will be playing mobile legends. You can also use the mobile legends hack and several tricks for progressing quickly in this game. It’s a very interesting game which indulges a lot of strategies to make sure that you are well acquainted with each of them and select the characters properly.

Damnation: Long, Glitchy, and Not the Open-World Scenario the Hype Would Suggest

Damnation was introduced as a game that reinvents the shooter genre. Taken at face value, it does succeed in a gross reinvention of the third person shooting style, introducing new elements such as a more vertical playing style and a greater use of vehicles. Where Damnation fails in its reinvention, however, is in the playability and hidden linear level designs.

There is no denying that the game does indeed take the standard flat level design found in many modern games and reposition the layout to require a great deal of climbing and zip lining. The potential of this is enormous, it becomes easy to imagine the depth of gameplay available in not only attacking and defending from the front, but taking positions throughout various levels and fighting on a more 360 degree field. Unfortunately Damnation uses the vertical level designs not for combat, but merely as a means to make it over a wall obstruction here and there or scale a cliff to reach the next area in the game. The vast majority of combat remains on level ground, the enemies rarely taking up positions to be shooting at you from above or below, which many players deemed to be too casual for their taste.

To take that lack of enemy vertical combat further, the enemy AI in this game is subpar at best. When you are on a level above or below them, you will rarely see them attempt to shoot at you. As you take out one enemy character, his accomplice next to him will stand there and do nothing. An enemy that takes several hits to defeat will, even at the hardest difficulty setting, stand there unmoving if you haven’t entered his physical range of vision. Apparently being shot repeatedly is not enough for anyone to take notice of the situation. Unless you find yourself obsessed with killing every enemy in the game, most you can simply ignore and use the vertical level design to walk right past them without even being noticed.

As the enemy AI becomes more and more bland throughout the game, the lack of impressive environmental graphics and general glitchiness become the sole focus. The in-game characters show impressive graphical details, from wrinkles along the eyes to realistic facial expressions. This is rarely seen in enemy designs, as masks are frequently worn hiding any appearance of individuality. More attention appears to have been given to your playable character demonstrating a realistic looking scowl than any attempt to add a sense of realism to the environment. Every level looks nearly the same, sharp edges giving the world a boxy feel while the vertical layout design appears to have been created simply for the sake of having the right to claim taking advantage of a new concept in gaming. With the potential to take vertical gaming much farther, Damnation appears to have created its vertical nature simply for bragging rights, while offering no real advantages or new complexities from it to the gaming experience. The player must result to wandering around an area until spotting a ladder that will lead him to the next area which appears very similar to the one before it. To make the game even more linear, the vehicle system comes in at forced intervals, requiring you to ride throughout the same looking, poorly constructed tunnels that only offer one direction to go. These vehicle areas add miles upon miles to the game, but offer no purpose and no enjoyment. Outside of simply staying on the road and not driving into a hole or off the occasional cliff, the throttle is held down and the vehicles ride themselves until reaching the end of that particular linear path and forcing the player back into the usual state of wandering for the next tool to work upwards. Nothing positive can be seen throughout the vehicle portions of the game, the bragging rights that the game spans for miles seeming to be their only real purpose.

Damnation is a game that offers the potential to demonstrate cutting edge graphics with a vertigo inducing vertical level design and a complex adventure and puzzle solving system. Instead, we’re left with a game that only loses its linear nature by forcing the character to wander throughout small puzzles while looking for ropes or ladders. In the end, there is still always only one direction to go, and the enemies rarely bother to pay you the slightest bit of attention. The game’s attempt to provide the feeling of a large, open world through the use of vehicles and cutscenes showing a great flying ship fail as the walls are constantly closed in around you only allowing a single potential path. Damnation does offer the potential to bring forth a new type of game, but stopped its progression before starting. It does however prove that the video game world never need be as flat as it is, leaving the potential for a series of great games to mimic the idea in the future.

There Is No Better City than Sim City

SimCity, as the name suggests, is a game whereby the player needs to build their city and look after it. Simcity Buildit is a city-building based simulation game made for the mobiles. This game has been developed by EA Maxis and has been published by EA also known as Electronic Arts. The game came out in the late 2014, and Simcity Buildit which is the mobile version of the game is part of the massive SimCity franchise. Initially, this game had come out for Windows. Different versions of the game were played by players all over the world on their computers. Later the game gained so much popularity that the game version was made for the mobile phones.

The different modes that are available for the mobile version are Single Player and Multiplayer. Usually, in the gaming world, all the games that are available have some cheats and hacks which makes playing the game much easier and fun. Some hacks help in generating coins while others help in generating diamonds. Similarly, the game Simcity Buildit also has hacks and cheats which can be used by players during the game. Now let us look into some of the new features which have been added in the Simcity Buildit Hack Tool of 2017.

New Features of Simcity Buildit Hack of 2017

The gaming world as we know is frequently changing. Gamers need to make sure to be updated as well. The game Simcity Buildit has also been taking out many new features as the game keeps updating. The game is available on both the Android and ios platforms. Some of the new features of the Hack tool are as follows:

The new update of the game Simcity Buildit hack tool can now support many European countries which include France, Netherlands, Italy, and others.

Those who have been looking for the Simcity buildit frequently asked questions and also Simcity Buildit triche can now find out the website much more quickly and also generate varied resources too.

Now with the Simcity Buildit Hack, the game has an inbuilt wiki. The hack tool now helps in resolving most of the problems faced by new gamers.

With the help of the Hack tool, a player can now share their Simcity Buildit tips and other guides with other players and users. With the help of this tool, the details of players are easily available to each other.

With the help of the hack tool, a user can generate free Simcity Buildit simoleons for their friends in the game. To get this added feature, a player needs to use the latest version of the hack tool.

The accounts of all the players are protected over SSL connections. A player need not worry about their account while using the hack tool.

The hack tool helps in generating cheats which help the players to go on further in the game with much more ease.

Thus from the above discussion, it can be seen that the game Simcity Buildit is a very popular game which belongs to the much larger Simcity franchise and that with the use of the Hack Tool the game becomes much more enjoyable to play.

The ultimate farming game: Hay Day

Hay day is a farming game which has become popular in the year of 2013 which was released by the Supercell, those who are famous for releasing the Clash of clans and Clash Royale.

The game:

The game basically is farming and increasing your farms by buying more land. In the game, the farm belongs to your uncle who is tired and bored of farming and wants a leisure time so hands you the farm. But you have no idea how to do all these jobs. In the game, your help is a scarecrow who will give you instruction and teach you how to start with harvesting the wheat. Later on in the game, you need to make your progress on your own. You can unlock a lot many other crops like corn as your goto higher levels and gain experience points.

How to play?

If you manage to make a proper farm, you will be easily profitable from it. You may need a quite a lot of time to master the game. When you begin the game, it is important you follow all the instructions properly. There will be text bubbles containing instructions of what to do. Play through the tutorial properly before playing the game. In the tutorial itself, you will be taught how to crop new plants, harvest plants, to paint your house and you will be asked to name your farm.

After the tutorial you are ready, so go ahead and plant the initial crops. You will be given three plots of land to start off. Select the plots of lands and select wheat. Click and drag to the empty plot of lands to fill them with the crops. You will have a working farm. These crops will help in earning gold and help you with the progress in the game. If you still need help with this, make sure to search for the best hay day online tool on google and click on the first search result.

After planting crops fill your farm with farm animals. Click on the animals you want on your farm and the red house. You can drag the animals into your animal pen to purchase them. With the level up you will access to more animals, and you will get more coins.

Do not forget to feed your livestock with the food you grow on your farm. Sometime fox might come to eat your livestock, make repeated clicks on the fox to shoo it away.

The diamonds you earn you can use it wisely and build things faster than for waiting for a very long time. In this way, you can make progress faster in the game and gain experiences faster. You have the option of purchasing diamonds with real cash money.

In all the level ups you will gain one or two diamonds so keep leveling up. The more and longer you play the game the more the time you will take to build so in such cases you need diamonds to make it faster. So use it in limited quantity to have plenty of them when you need.

You get diamonds on completing an achievement, so make sure to complete your achievements which might be like making truck deliveries and helping people who come to your farm.

Tricks for the game:

You can plant the crops at night, or when you are working so that you don’t have to wait when you are playing as few crops might take a long time to grow, You can say no to your visitors if they are not paying you enough for what you are selling.

You have Hay Day cheats available online, which helps you with earn coins and diamond which in return helps you buy crops and other things.

Apple IPhone : Having All of that What You Need

Even though there have been many high end smartphones that have come and gone over the years, none have withstood the test of time in the same manner as the Apple iPhone. It is a phone that has caused a lot of head turning. It still continues to do so not only because of its styling, but also because of its features as well. Some of the features have become as a part of the standard feature list in many of the high-end smartphones today and the touch screen display is certainly one of them.

The iPhone is a mobile phone that this could be coming with a 3.5 inch display unit, which has remained at the same size since its inception. Even though the technology within the display might have changed, the screen size has remained very similar to the one that was initially seen due to the fact that it is compact as well as large. It is something that has not been seen in any other screen size up until now and because of the usage of a high resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, the iPhone is better than any other phone that you can imagine. The iPhone will be offered with three different options when it comes to the internal memory and each and every one of them will be extremely usable.

Firstly, that will be the 4 GB option for those who do not use the memory of one, but the 16 GB option will be the maximum limit of internal memory that is going to be present in the Apple iPhone. However, the 8 GB provides a suitable alternative in between both these options and what will be able to make the iPhone to a lot of entertainment activities using this large amount of memory that is available at the disposal of the phone. The entertainment options in the phone will include the two megapixel camera, while this is one of the very few phones that will also have a certain amount of entertainment options within the operating system itself. It is going to use the Apple iOS, which has been branded about as one of the best operating systems currently available.

It is one that has a 412 MHz processor in order to run this operating system, while there is also going to be the PowerVR MBX-Lite graphics support provided by the phone. It will ensure the maximum speed for running the high-end applications that are available in a lot of options for the Apple iPhone. The iTunes store is something that is world-famous and it has an incredible collection of applications for the Apple iPhone. Even though the success of the Apple iPhone cannot be questioned, it is something that was eventually replaced by the Apple iPhone 3G. It turned out to be the lack of the 3G option in the original Apple iPhone that was the culprit in this case and the Apple iPhone 3G was as successful as its predecessor. Visiting mobile phone deals can help you to make appropriate selection for you.

Perform a Reverse Cell Phone Search to Find Out Who Your Kid is Talking With

The popularity of cell phones in this country has provided convenience and freedom for many people. If you look around, you will notice that just about every kid has a wireless phone.
Parents like their kids to carry a cell phone, because it is a means to stay in constant contact with them. This also means however, that kids are free to talk to whomever they choose when the parents are not around. Kids may love this freedom, but sometimes too much freedom can get them into trouble.

In fact, while parents have the idea of keeping in touch, they are also giving up their control to monitor the influences their kids are exposed to as a result of the freedom they are experiencing with a cell phone.

There certainly are ways to control who your kids are talking to if you have concerns about whom they are regularly in contact with, especially if there are people you do not approve of them being in touch with.

One technique you can use to monitor your child is to perform a reverse cell phone search in order to find out the address and name of the people your child is in contact with. This will give you a list of the people your child is in regular contact with and you can narrow down the list to determine if there are people your child should not be in touch with.

Certain people may argue that this is a violation of your child’s privacy and trust. The truth is however, that your child is your responsibility and you have to raise them in the best way that you know how. If you feel that you are losing touch with your child, because of the negative impact of certain influences, it is up to you to confront and deal with those individuals.

A caring parent will be able to find out whom their kids are speaking to by going through the phone numbers that are not known in their child’s phone, or by looking over a recent phone bill. These numbers can then be used to perform searches in a reverse cell phone search directory.

If some of these numbers turn out to be landline numbers, you can search these numbers within a public telephone directory. Landline numbers are considered public domain (unless unlisted), and it won’t cost you anything to find out the name and address of the person attached to that particular number.

If you locate phone numbers in your child’s phone that are wireless numbers, you will need to conduct your search through a paid reverse cell phone search directory. This is because wireless numbers are NOT considered public domain. The charge for obtaining a report of these phone numbers will not cost you a great deal of money, and it will provide you with a lot of personal information about the owner of the mobile number that you are searching.

This information will provide you with enough data to carry on a search into the people your kids are speaking with. From this information, you can make an informed decision on any further action you need to take or how you need to treat the matter.

Resuming, if you are really serious on your cell phone number search and you want accurate information instead of obsolete data, I urge you to perform a cell phone number search. The search fee is really low, and if you are desperate about getting the phone number owner personal information, then it is really worth it.

IPhone App Review: Icy Escort

There are two types of games that seem most common on the iphone and the ipod touch. The first of these are games that try to pretend that they are on a consol, racing games that use virtual thumbsticks, and other similar mechanics, the other are games that are incredibly simple. They do one thing and even do it well but that is all that the developers want of it.

Icy Escort is one of the second type, a game that is almost absurdly simply in its controls and yet is clearly doing exactly what Swedish Games Development (donut games) wants it to do and it is free, so you can’t fault that simplicity you can only decide whether it is the type of game you want.

Your main character in this game is a penguin, and though it could be anything the penguin is cute and so why not. Your job in the game is to try to reach the penguin babies, but the difficulty is that you only have one move in this game. You can jump, that’s it. You press the button you jump, hold it down you’ll jump a bit farther. Other than that your penguin simply walks forward at the same pace all the time.

They do manage to fit a number of puzzles into this game which is effectively a platformer. You can jump from one side of the screen to the other so you have to look carefully at where you will go and there is a timer so you can actually lose. They also have signs which change the direction of the penguin if it hits it and boxes that can get in the way. All of this allows them to make a fair amount of strategy though nothing overly difficult to figure out.

The graphics on this are pretty good, the characters are naturally small leaving enough room to actually see what is going on around them but it looks pretty good and each level has a different look though none of them are overly impressive it does help keep this game from getting old.

If you like puzzle platformers then this is a pretty good game. It is simple and yet there is room to make you actually think about how best to get through the levels and even make it difficult enough that you feel good when you figure it out and while there isn’t enough here for a paid game for free it is worth trying.

Top Five Nintendo DS Games for Spring 2008

Many gamers may be surprise by the lack on Nintendo titles for the Nintendo DS in the spring. Makes you wonder if Nintendo is shifting focus to the Nintendo Wii in 2008. Fortunately, the third party publishers got the season covered with games for everyone. Here are the top five Nintendo DS games of the spring.

5. Lost in Blue 3
Publisher: Konami, Developer: Konami, Release Date: March 18, ESRB Rating: E10+
More than any other console, the Nintendo DS is known for its niche titles. A prime example of this is the Lost in Blue series. The basic premise of the series is to survive in a mysterious world by fully utilizing the touch screen and microphone of the Nintendo DS. Gamers will have to manage their day-to-day survival needs in addition to finding a way back home at the same time. Launching this spring, Lost in Blue 3 will offer more of the same unique concept and gameplay.

4. Rondo of Swords
Publisher: Atlus, Developer: Success, Release Date: April 15, ESRB Rating: RP
Japanese strategy role-playing games are one of the few genres that the Nintendo DS is lacking in. Rondo of Swords will fill that niche nicely during the spring season. What separates this strategy game of others is the Route Maneuver System, which lets you attack all enemies on your path. Another unique aspect is that the fights take place on a 2D plane; very much like the cult classic strategy game, Dragon Force. Rondo of Swords breaks the tradition of most Japanese strategy role-playing for a more unique experience.
3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Publisher: Square Enix, Developer: Square Enix, Release Date: March 11, ESRB Rating: E
Released on the Nintendo Gamecube, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles turned out to be a great game even though it did not lived up to the franchise’s standard. Part of the reason is that you needed to buy a bunch of extra accessories to play multiplayer. That will change in the spring sequel on the Nintendo DS, however. Each person only needs a DS and a copy of the game to play the frantic 4-player co-op mode. With a fully-blown single player mode to boot, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

2. The World Ends with You
Publisher: Square Enix, Developer: Jupiter, Release Date: April 22, ESRB Rating: E
You may not guess by the title of the game that it was made by the same people who did the Kingdom Hearts series. Like Square Enix’s popular series, The World Ends with You is an Action-RPG. It does have several features that make for a unique experience. The first of which is reading other people’s minds to find clues. Another is the Stride-Cross Battle System, which lets you control two party members simultaneously. Finally, the game’s artwork, a cross between Kingdom Hearts and Jet Grind Radio is incredibly stylish. Releasing this spring, The World Ends with You is looking like masterpiece in the making and may be the start of a new franchise for Square Enix.

1. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword
Publisher: Tecmo, Developer: Team Ninja, Release Date: March 25, ESRB Rating: T
Just months before the release of Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword will bring the premier action franchise to the Nintendo DS. In fact, the story of the DS game is set months before the original Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. So fans of the series should be looking forward to the handheld version. It’s not always about the story, however. Like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, this game will exclusively use the touch screen to control all the actions. While that may sound daunting, it actually works really well and adds to the immersion. The game also features beautiful graphics, some of the best for the handheld system. Needless to say, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is easily the best Nintendo DS game of the spring.

Becoming The Best In Yu Gi Oh Duel Links?

The Yu-Gi-Oh is an online based game and it attracted millions of People in the world. This game was played by using many cards, so it is also called trading card game. These power cards are used to attack or destroy your opponent and there are two players are allowed to play this game. At starting each player have its own decks and in Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game the deck means collection of power cards and it may contain 40-60 cards. You need to win each stage to move on to the next levels.

How to Play This Game?

If you want to play this game then you should follow some steps.

  • First you need to choose your character to play.
  • Then click play button to start a game by using power cards.
  • Both you and your opponent have their own decks and the deck contains collection of power cards.
  • Then you have to select the cards and place that in a respective position or place, if it right you may get some life points.
  • After three traps of cards the next chance goes to your opponent, he/she also select and place her/him card into correct position.
  • Both players are tried to destroy their opponent by using power cards.
  • When a player will get win he/she move to the next level of the game.
  • Learn how to get free coins yu gi oh duel links

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each player has only three chances to trap the cards.
  • In deck, each player has minimum 20-30 cards and maximum 40-60 cards.
  • At the starting of game each player have 4000 Life Points.
  • Some characters are provides the special skills and an additional life points also.
  • When your life point get zero, you will be lose the game.

Phases in this game:

In this game contains six phases that are

  • Draw Phase
  • Standby Phase
  • Main Phase 1
  • Battle Phase
  • Main Phase 2
  • End Phase
  • Draw Phase:

In this phase the player can select or draw a card from the deck, suppose the deck is empty the player will lose the game.

  • Standby Phase:

No operation is performed in this phase and it can exist for a card affects.

  • Main Phase 1:

In this phase the player will set cards with the correct manner.

  • Battle Phase:

In this phase the player can attack their opponent by using set of power cards.

  • Main Phase 2:

It changes the battle position of already attacked places during this phase.

  • End Phase:

It is a Final phase in the six phases of Yu-Gi-Oh duel link game. This phase is also used for exploring or activates the power cards.

Details about Decks:

The deck contains n-number of power cards, each players need to use this decks and this game provides an optional “Extra Deck” up to fifteen cards. The players need to use these decks to upgrade their Yu Gi Oh Duel Links game