Clash Royale Gameplay Elements

The Clash Royale game is a freemium video game played on the mobile that has been published by Supercell. It was released in 2016, March 2. Important elements in the game are the tower defense, the collectible card games and the battle arena that can be played online as a multiplayer game. It has been selected as the game of the year by Apple as well as by Best Game. Just download the game and enjoy it, by getting to know the game and the strategies involved while you play with real opponents and collect cards.

Beginner Tricks

The maximum levels that can be played are thirteen. The arenas are totally eleven in numbers and each arena has its own trophy limit. The main idea behind playing the game is to destroy as many towers as possible. You win the game if the number of towers destroyed by you is more than what is destroyed by the opponent. Another strategy is to destroy the King Tower of your opponent. By doing this, you can win the crown victory automatically. Once you get to level 3 you can form clans by which you can participate in friendly battles. Friendly battles can be played against friends and they can witness these battles as live spectators. Go on a winning streak by fighting the Prince or the Giant. You can enjoy good defense and defense strategies and break down enemy buildings.

New Features

The game has been enhanced with new features. In July 2016, the new feature introduced was “Tournament” which can be unlocked only at level 8. In March 2017, another feature named “Leagues” was added. “Clan Battles” was later introduced. Victory challenges are played in which the player has to win 12 times but can lose only two times. Keep referring to the latest updates to continue your winning strategies. As the game round, last only for three minutes, you need to be updated on all the features, so that you gain advantage over your opponents, by using them to your advantage.

Gems and Chests

By purchasing gems, the player can use them to go on with the game to help in purchasing chests, entering challenges and starting tournaments. Chests such as Silver Chests and Golden Chests can be unlocked to enhance the game. Other chests that are available are the Magical chests, the Super Magical chests and Legendary Chests. You can have 4 chests to open and play at a time. You have the option to win the Crown Chest every 24 hours. Free chests are provided every 4 hours to the player. Gold is considered an important currency. By winning battles, your gold accumulation will just continue. You can open chests to get gold. These chests can be opened in 3 hours or 8 hours or even as late as 12 hours. By making proper utilization of the time, you can open these chests easily.

Hack Tools

To generate gems, there is an easy way. The Clash Royale Hack ios is an important tool by which you can easily get free gems. Gold is an important resource that is available for free, through the hack tools. Elixirs are also necessary for using cards with ease. With committed developers, our hack tools have been aptly provided and are easy to use. There are no hassles or virus or other any negative tactics involved in the hack tools. You do not have to download anything as the hacks work online. So you are very safe from any anti-practices. The Clash Royale Cheats are built in such a way that they can be used on any mobile phone, both iOS and Android phones. Cheats work perfectly to make your game easier to play. All you have to do is enter your username. Next you have to choose the gems and gold resources that you require. Then you have to click on Generate. Immediately you will find the required gold, elixir and gems immediately, so that you can go ahead with your game without any problem. Now that you have the desired quantity of resources to keep playing through various levels, your game becomes easier and simpler. With more resources, you can strengthen your position and enter more challenges. When you play it as a game, you will soon be set on the top leader board. Your waiting time for chests to open gets reduced drastically and you can just breeze ahead, while your friends just plod on, at a slow speed.