How to Run Homebrew Games on a Nintendo DS

Homebrew is quite a scene, and has been picking up speed for years. Nearly every capable device has a series of homebrew games/apps available for it, the Nintendo DS being one of them. Homebrew games are games created by individuals for specific devices. These games aren’t supported by Nintendo and may or may not work. Some are worthless, and some are so useful you can’t believe there free.
In addition to games, you can find a wide array of applications that add functions to the DS that otherwise would not be available. This includes dictionaries and calculators, painting application, and even a full Linux port.

If you want to get involved with the homebrew scene by downloading some games for your DS, this tutorial is for you. This article will teach you the basics of downloading and using user created content on your Nintendo DS.

Items Needed:

Computer with Internet Access
Nintendo DS
CycloDS Evolution
microSD card
NDS files

Step 1: You’ll need to purchase the CycloDS Evolution card, as well as a microSD card to install in it The microSD card should be a minimum of 1GB. CycloDS is moderately expensive at $50, but it doesn’t require any patching and an can used with nearly everything immediately.

Step 2: Find homebrew applications and games on the Internet and download them to your computer. These games will be NDS file format. Read views on them to make sure they’re worth bothering with, and scan them for viruses before using them.

Step 3: Connect your microSD card to your computer using a card reader. Transfer the NDS application to the card. Disconnect it from your computer and insert it in the CycloDS card.

Step 4: Insert the CycloDS card into your Nintendo DS. Start your DS and select the ‘Health and Safety option and choose the CycloDS card. From here you can open the NDS homebrew apps you added to your card.

Troubleshooting: Make sure you use the card listed in this article – this method will only work with this card. If you use a different one, the method used changes, and is considerably more difficult for anyone doing this for the first time. The cost of the CycloDS is well worth the time and effort saved over different methods.

If you do decide to use a different method because you don’t wish to invest in a CycloDS card, a quick search of the Internet will provide you with the appropriate instructions.