Instead of any Hack learn the game

Sometimes playing Free Fire Battlegrounds become really tough. Many would try to get the advantage of Free Fire Battlegrounds Hack. But make sure that there is no hack possible in this most wanted game. So instead of wasting time in searching how to hack garena free fire, let us know something about the weapons and its management. Reaching the ultimate goal that is to remain unhurt till the last is really very tough if not impossible. All the fighters even the reallife soldiers would love to play the game but playing this Free Fire Battlegrounds is not a play of a mere child.

Start with one weapon

In the beginning, the gamers would be able to manage one weapon. In all your movement you will be protecting yourself with that single weapon only. But remember the gamer will not be equipped with any weapon when they are jumping out of the plane. Till you arrive at the abandoned island with a parachute you are carrying no weapon. As any other weapon, you need to find the first weapon. For this reason after getting into the island try to get one weapon at the earliest otherwise fighting battle would gradually become more and more impossible. This becomes very tough if other opponents arrive on the island beforehand. The gamer should try to gather as many weapons as possible and in the quickest time, as sooner as possible.

Avoid combat initially

During the initial stages of the game, the gamer should avoid any unnecessary combat. Rather one should try to get accustomed to the environment of the war field. Without a perfect beginning, there is hardly any chance that the fighter would reach the final stage. Before starting a fearsome fighting the gamer should gather all the necessary weapons and instruments. For the fight, the fighter can pick up handguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and heavy weapons and sniper rifles.

Ideal setup means a perfect possession

A fighter must remember that an ideal setup for weapon means a good composition of three slots. In the sidearm, one needs to keep only handguns so there is no choice. But in the primary and secondary slots, one can vary the choice. But for the ideal setup, there can be a shotgun in the secondary slot that can be an M1014. The fighters need to get one sniper rifles or assault rifles in the primary slot to give an ideal weapon setup. One can have AWM or VSS as the sniper rifle and M14 or SKS as an assault rifle.

To survive to proceed for ideal weapons setup

It is not likely that the fighters can always make up ideal weapon setup. But never worry as this applies to all the other players in the battle. No one would be able to create an ideal setup all the time. As a soldier, you need to fight with another fighter with whatever weapons he has at a particular point in time. You cannot wait for the best weapons.