IPhone App Review: Icy Escort

There are two types of games that seem most common on the iphone and the ipod touch. The first of these are games that try to pretend that they are on a consol, racing games that use virtual thumbsticks, and other similar mechanics, the other are games that are incredibly simple. They do one thing and even do it well but that is all that the developers want of it.

Icy Escort is one of the second type, a game that is almost absurdly simply in its controls and yet is clearly doing exactly what Swedish Games Development (donut games) wants it to do and it is free, so you can’t fault that simplicity you can only decide whether it is the type of game you want.

Your main character in this game is a penguin, and though it could be anything the penguin is cute and so why not. Your job in the game is to try to reach the penguin babies, but the difficulty is that you only have one move in this game. You can jump, that’s it. You press the button you jump, hold it down you’ll jump a bit farther. Other than that your penguin simply walks forward at the same pace all the time.

They do manage to fit a number of puzzles into this game which is effectively a platformer. You can jump from one side of the screen to the other so you have to look carefully at where you will go and there is a timer so you can actually lose. They also have signs which change the direction of the penguin if it hits it and boxes that can get in the way. All of this allows them to make a fair amount of strategy though nothing overly difficult to figure out.

The graphics on this are pretty good, the characters are naturally small leaving enough room to actually see what is going on around them but it looks pretty good and each level has a different look though none of them are overly impressive it does help keep this game from getting old.

If you like puzzle platformers then this is a pretty good game. It is simple and yet there is room to make you actually think about how best to get through the levels and even make it difficult enough that you feel good when you figure it out and while there isn’t enough here for a paid game for free it is worth trying.