The ultimate farming game: Hay Day

Hay day is a farming game which has become popular in the year of 2013 which was released by the Supercell, those who are famous for releasing the Clash of clans and Clash Royale.

The game:

The game basically is farming and increasing your farms by buying more land. In the game, the farm belongs to your uncle who is tired and bored of farming and wants a leisure time so hands you the farm. But you have no idea how to do all these jobs. In the game, your help is a scarecrow who will give you instruction and teach you how to start with harvesting the wheat. Later on in the game, you need to make your progress on your own. You can unlock a lot many other crops like corn as your goto higher levels and gain experience points.

How to play?

If you manage to make a proper farm, you will be easily profitable from it. You may need a quite a lot of time to master the game. When you begin the game, it is important you follow all the instructions properly. There will be text bubbles containing instructions of what to do. Play through the tutorial properly before playing the game. In the tutorial itself, you will be taught how to crop new plants, harvest plants, to paint your house and you will be asked to name your farm.

After the tutorial you are ready, so go ahead and plant the initial crops. You will be given three plots of land to start off. Select the plots of lands and select wheat. Click and drag to the empty plot of lands to fill them with the crops. You will have a working farm. These crops will help in earning gold and help you with the progress in the game. If you still need help with this, make sure to search for the best hay day online tool on google and click on the first search result.

After planting crops fill your farm with farm animals. Click on the animals you want on your farm and the red house. You can drag the animals into your animal pen to purchase them. With the level up you will access to more animals, and you will get more coins.

Do not forget to feed your livestock with the food you grow on your farm. Sometime fox might come to eat your livestock, make repeated clicks on the fox to shoo it away.

The diamonds you earn you can use it wisely and build things faster than for waiting for a very long time. In this way, you can make progress faster in the game and gain experiences faster. You have the option of purchasing diamonds with real cash money.

In all the level ups you will gain one or two diamonds so keep leveling up. The more and longer you play the game the more the time you will take to build so in such cases you need diamonds to make it faster. So use it in limited quantity to have plenty of them when you need.

You get diamonds on completing an achievement, so make sure to complete your achievements which might be like making truck deliveries and helping people who come to your farm.

Tricks for the game:

You can plant the crops at night, or when you are working so that you don’t have to wait when you are playing as few crops might take a long time to grow, You can say no to your visitors if they are not paying you enough for what you are selling.

You have Hay Day cheats available online, which helps you with earn coins and diamond which in return helps you buy crops and other things.