Top Five Nintendo DS Games for Spring 2008

Many gamers may be surprise by the lack on Nintendo titles for the Nintendo DS in the spring. Makes you wonder if Nintendo is shifting focus to the Nintendo Wii in 2008. Fortunately, the third party publishers got the season covered with games for everyone. Here are the top five Nintendo DS games of the spring.

5. Lost in Blue 3
Publisher: Konami, Developer: Konami, Release Date: March 18, ESRB Rating: E10+
More than any other console, the Nintendo DS is known for its niche titles. A prime example of this is the Lost in Blue series. The basic premise of the series is to survive in a mysterious world by fully utilizing the touch screen and microphone of the Nintendo DS. Gamers will have to manage their day-to-day survival needs in addition to finding a way back home at the same time. Launching this spring, Lost in Blue 3 will offer more of the same unique concept and gameplay.

4. Rondo of Swords
Publisher: Atlus, Developer: Success, Release Date: April 15, ESRB Rating: RP
Japanese strategy role-playing games are one of the few genres that the Nintendo DS is lacking in. Rondo of Swords will fill that niche nicely during the spring season. What separates this strategy game of others is the Route Maneuver System, which lets you attack all enemies on your path. Another unique aspect is that the fights take place on a 2D plane; very much like the cult classic strategy game, Dragon Force. Rondo of Swords breaks the tradition of most Japanese strategy role-playing for a more unique experience.
3. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Publisher: Square Enix, Developer: Square Enix, Release Date: March 11, ESRB Rating: E
Released on the Nintendo Gamecube, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles turned out to be a great game even though it did not lived up to the franchise’s standard. Part of the reason is that you needed to buy a bunch of extra accessories to play multiplayer. That will change in the spring sequel on the Nintendo DS, however. Each person only needs a DS and a copy of the game to play the frantic 4-player co-op mode. With a fully-blown single player mode to boot, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

2. The World Ends with You
Publisher: Square Enix, Developer: Jupiter, Release Date: April 22, ESRB Rating: E
You may not guess by the title of the game that it was made by the same people who did the Kingdom Hearts series. Like Square Enix’s popular series, The World Ends with You is an Action-RPG. It does have several features that make for a unique experience. The first of which is reading other people’s minds to find clues. Another is the Stride-Cross Battle System, which lets you control two party members simultaneously. Finally, the game’s artwork, a cross between Kingdom Hearts and Jet Grind Radio is incredibly stylish. Releasing this spring, The World Ends with You is looking like masterpiece in the making and may be the start of a new franchise for Square Enix.

1. Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword
Publisher: Tecmo, Developer: Team Ninja, Release Date: March 25, ESRB Rating: T
Just months before the release of Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword will bring the premier action franchise to the Nintendo DS. In fact, the story of the DS game is set months before the original Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox. So fans of the series should be looking forward to the handheld version. It’s not always about the story, however. Like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, this game will exclusively use the touch screen to control all the actions. While that may sound daunting, it actually works really well and adds to the immersion. The game also features beautiful graphics, some of the best for the handheld system. Needless to say, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is easily the best Nintendo DS game of the spring.